“Start telling the stories that only you can tell.”

Neil Gaiman


With our series #voices4ukraine, we aim to give voice to a group of people who are protesting against the war in Ukraine. Ever since February 24, 2022, hundreds have been gathering day and night outside the Russian Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany, to express their dissent against the breach of contract of the Budapest Memorandum (1994). We let Ukrainians, but also members of other nationalities, speak the truth.

Photo by MAPP media


Dreaming Taranto is a story of new hopes born from broken dreams, where no one knows the ending, but everyone can change it. As factory workers dream of a different future inspired by a more sustainable Europe, a Mediterranean city awakes from decades of dormancy that have tainted health, nature and children’s rights.

Photo courtesy of Valeria Di Girolamo


Memories of a Forgotten Childhood (original title “Erinnerungen einer vergessenen Kindheit”) is a short film about addiction as seen through the eyes of a child. While his father Rudi tries to regain the family happiness lost at the slot machine, Niklas is busy parenting his alcoholic and unpredictable mother Anna. The child is torn between wanting to help his parents and and wanting to escape from them. Read more.


A Canadian Genocide is the true story of murdered and missing indigenous women in a country that shines for peace, tolerance and diversity. As Inuits continue to survive estranged by Canadian society and with limited access to food, health, work and wealth opportunities, thousands of women’s bodies continue to be unearthed alongside rivers in an attempt to escape their misery.

Photo by Nika Akin